How-To: Make Decluterring Easier with These Simple Tips

Decluttering can be overwhelming, especially if you have tons of stuff to sort out, clean, and organize. Cleaning and organizing everything all at once can be a tiresome process. Here’s how you can make it easier.

Divide and conquer
Or in this case, break down big projects to smaller tasks that are more doable for you. This will not only make it less burdensome for you. But completing one task can give a boost to your goal to clear up clutter in your home.

Stick to the task at hand
Now that you have broken down a major declutter project into different small tasks, make sure that you stick to one job to the end. Finish what you start. This can help you gain the momentum to work on one mini-project at a time.

Be ruthless in letting go
donate clothes
Do not let emotional attachment stop you from getting rid of things that no longer serve their purpose. Get rid of them either by donating or repurposing them. Whatever you do, avoid keeping them for purely sentimental reasons.

Make it a routine
laundry room
Make decluttering and organizing a part of your daily routine. Devote at least five to ten minutes of your time each day tidying up and putting things back to their rightful places.